Transforming Culture in The Digital Age

Posted by Marjan on Friday December 18th 2009 at 11:46

International Conference in Tartu 14-16 April 2010: Transforming Culture in The Digital Age

Increasingly, we see new forms of culture being born in the variety of online environments. Users have become producers taking over production of online content and traditional hierarchies of users and producers are collapsing. At the same time, traditional memory institutions like museums, archives, libraries and acknowledged artists struggle to make sense of the transformations that are coming together with new technologies. In this interdisciplinary conference we aim to look at the questions as how such developments influence culture – how is culture transformed in the digital age with a specific focus on the intersection of individuals and institutions. We hope to look at the notion of culture and transformations of the cultural heritage through a variety of disciplines ranging from arts and history to heritage studies and from museum studies to sociology and from media and literature studies to archival studies. The conference calls for variety of people both researchers and practitioners to discuss and analyze how digital culture is produced and consumed both in traditional and new forms.

(with a lecture by Belgian graphic designer/ researcher Geoffrey Brusatto)

Dark Matter. presentation & mapping @iMAL

Posted by Priscilla on Wednesday December 16th 2009 at 13:41

This week – from the 16th to the 19th of December – Tom Heene and his colleagues artists, developers and scientists show the results of the project Dark Matter in art centre iMAL. The research project investigates the way data from the web and our physical world can be merged and presented in a user experience. It is supported by the Art&D programme of Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology. Partners are the Center for User Experience Research – CUO (KUL)WICA (UGent)NODEBOX and LAHAAG.

Since we – BAMVirtueel Plaform and Media & Design Academy – are now researching methods and tools used in cross-disciplinary media art and design processes, we will go to Brussels and talk to the Dark Matter team. Using a mapping method we will analyze what critical tools were used to engage publics and other disciplines in the creation process of Dark Matter. The results will be published in a book in 2011, but in the meantime we keep you up to date via this blog.

Last week we mapped the work of the Alcatel team in the Smarttouch project. A report will follow soon.

Garutti – Gent

Posted by Marjan on Friday December 11th 2009 at 00:01

Alberto Garutti laureate of the Cultuurprijs of the Stad Gent 2009 for his artwork in the public space (for Over the Edges, 2000).

Interview and workshop Matt Adams, Amsterdam

Posted by Priscilla on Monday December 7th 2009 at 17:58

Today Liesbeth is leaving for Amsterdam to meet Matt Adams (Blast Theory) for an interview. This interview frames in a longer research project for BAM and Virtueel Platform where she – together with her colleagues at the Media & Design Academy – will map participatory processes in new media art and design projects. The intermediary results of the interviews and mapping sessions will be published here on the e-culture blog.

Why are we doing this research? Many produced artefacts and experiences today are created via standard procedures, methods and tools. This may speed production processes up, but at the same time there is not a lot of room for innovating and rethinking their role in society. Therefore we would like to look into alternative research practices in arts, science, engineering and design that are inspired by participatory new media cultures. Especially we will focus on their use of cross-over practice and critical tools in the process of creating an artefact and/or experience. The research project is a follow-up study of the publication Cross-Over that mapped out the cross-disciplinairy new media practices in Belgium. The project was initiated by the Field Institute for e-culture in Belgium (BAM). In this second publication we want to zoom more closely into practices and methods put forward by creative new media cultures. The study is a collaborative initiative of the Belgian and the Dutch (Virtueel Platform) Field Instititutes for e-culture.

Matt Adams is in Amsterdam to give a workshop on the 8th of December for Virtueel Platform, which Liesbeth will also join:

Blast Theory has focused most recently on new uses of GPS technology for non-commercial content in the public space using existing technology to new purposes. The one-day workshop will kick of with some insights in to Blast Theory’s own projects and their relevance to the heritage field. The rest of the day is a workshop in which participants will be helped to devise new ways in which their own cultural content can be used to best advantage with new (mobile)technology.

Blast Theory is a London-based group of artists and researchers who make interactive works for the gallery, the street and television. Their recent collaborations with the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham have been recognised internationally as breaking new ground in the combination of online games, wireless networks and virtual worlds. Other partners include BBC Interactive and the Science Museum, London.

Source: Virtueel Platform

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