Participatory decision making

Posted by Liesbeth on Monday March 29th 2010 at 18:55

Although it is in Dutch, I thought this article was interesting to share. It reflects on the plan of the Flemish government to structure infrastructure works more efficiently. A few politicians believe that participation by citizens slows down the working process. As a response some organisations want to stress the need for governments to engage citizens in qualitative and interesting ways in infrastructure works. You can read their reaction here:

Social Spaces certainly wants to propose/design some challenging and – at the same time – efficient participatory methods!

The game Pong and how our students and researchers create social objects

Posted by Liesbeth on Friday March 26th 2010 at 12:27

The game Pong was released in 1972 by Atari. It showed two bats and a little ball and was inspired by the game ping pong. Later – in 1975 – it was designed as console version, so it could be played, making use of a television screen. After that, many variations were released by the computer industry, like Breakout. Not only the industry, but also “users” on the internet have adapted the game many times. The game is an exchange device, a social object (MacLeod, 2007). It is an object around which many people have gathered, all over the world. My own students have adapted the game for very different goals.


Posted by Rudi on Sunday March 21st 2010 at 20:33

DIORAMATIZED #01 is the first of a series of experimental design explorations in the framework of the practice-based research project MULTIPLE voice/vision. It transposes the 19th century concept of the diorama to a contemporary interactive media formula in a miniature dramatized setting and will be presented the end of may 2010, as the result of a workingperiod in FLACC. I coined the word DIORAMATIZED because on the one hand it refers to the 19th century phenomenon of dioramas, and on the other hand it carries (some of) the meaning of the word ‘dramatized’.

The technical as well as the aesthetic approach of DIORAMATIZED #01 is a deconstruction of the multi-layered musical texture into its constituant parts, ‘rendering’ each individual layer with a limited perspective, both aurally and visually.

The picture below shows the 5 musicians – stills from testrecordings in februari:
no perspectival limitations in the images yet.

I will now start using these multiple auditory and visual materials as input for computergenerated acousto-optical and perspectival constructions.

In fact DIORAMATIZED #01 thus will become a subversion of the traditional diorama concept, as it will also be a deconstruction of the use of the traditional single viewpoint of the 19th century diorama into a multiperspective experience that challenges the curiosity of the viewer/listener and invites him/her to explore these multiple perspectives.

More information about MULTIPLE voice/vision & DIORAMATIZED #01 can be found on my research blog

Libre Graphics Meeting Brussels

Posted by Priscilla on Friday March 19th 2010 at 18:05

Constant vzw is organising a cutting edge graphics software meeting, inspired by free culture. In the framework of the fifth editionof the Libre Graphics Meeting developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software gather to exchange knowledge and collaborate in projects. The meeting is arranged May 27-30 in Brussels in a fascinating location, a historic piano factory, freshly renovated into a lively exhibition and workspace. Are you a softwaredeveloper, artist, designer or are you just interested to explore free graphics software? Then join two days of collective creativity, innovation and ideas … for free.

On Wednesday 26th of May Constant vzw organises a special workshop for students and teachers of art- and colleges. The program consists of several sessions about ‘design + programming’, ‘open source for designers’, ‘digital drawing’, ‘command-line for designers’, etc. To register contact Location: Pianofabriek, Brussels.

Source: e-cultuur weblog

DIY public sculpture

Posted by Liesbeth on Friday March 19th 2010 at 16:35

We-make-money-not-art published a funny video on facebook. The video illustrates a new software developed at the Shargorod residency in the Ukraine: . In this video a “media artist” makes a statement about making his own public sculptures … a kind of DIY public sculpture. Quote by we-make-money-not-art: ” most media artists have dreadful fashion sense but this guy pushes the no-fashion fashion to a new extreme”. Have a look for yourself:

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