A-Z Lecture on design & emotion

Posted by Sabina on Thursday November 25th 2010 at 11:01

Next Tuesday (30.11.2010) a very interesting lecture will be organised at Z33. The lecturer is Dr.Peter Desmet, assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design (Technical University of Delft). His interest lies in the way consumer products create emotions, and how this knowledge can help product designers. Actually this was also the theme of his Phd, entitles “Designing Emotions”.

Desmet is also founding director of the International Design & Emotion Society, which researches and works with companies such as L’Oreal, Nestle, Renault or KLM.

Remember that the lecture is free, all you have to do is register here.

Socialspaces.org on mapping tour

Posted by Liesbeth on Monday November 22nd 2010 at 17:57

Travelling Pantry Birmingham

Our English colleagues of socialspaces.org are travelling around these days doing colourful mapping sessions. If you want to experience the rich results of these mappings and the amazing diversity, visit their Flickr Page. The mappings have the goal to “stimulate new and interesting local projects in line with the Social Spaces thinking of Learning, Sharing and Making. The workshops will draw together inspiration from existing new projects and new methodologies … as well as spreading traditional positive community building know-how”.

Have a look at their website for more info.

Social Spaces @ AlterNature exhibition

Posted by Sabina on Monday November 22nd 2010 at 11:54

This Saturday was the opening of the AlterNature: Yes we can exhibition at Z33 house for contemporary art.

Alter Nature: We Can shows the work of 20 international contemporary artists and designers. The exhibition focuses on the different ways in which people have displaced, manipulated or designed nature: from small gardens to private islands, from carrots and bonsai trees to acoustic plants and orange pheasants.

It’s really a very interesting exhibition so if you’re around Hasselt you should definitely come to see it. At the end of the exhibition you will also have a surprise: every visitor can cut a little branch from a plant, and then has to take it home and take care of it.

Because all of the little branches are cut from the same plant they have exactly the same genetical information. In order to keep track of all these “twins”, once you take the branch you can pin-point your house on a map of Belgium. The next step is to take a picture of the plant and upload it on the Z33 website.

Here is a picture with the branch we cut, and as you can see, now it has its own place in our office, and hopefully it will grow into a bigger plant.

Alter Nature: We Can is part of Alter Nature, an overarching project by Z33, the Hasselt Fashion Museum and CIAP in collaboration with the MAD faculty, the University of Hasselt, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), KULeuven University and bioSCENTer.

Invitation to CityMine(d) mapping session

Posted by Sabina on Tuesday November 16th 2010 at 14:57

As we already announced you here, there is an interesting event happening this weekend in Brussels: CityMined(d) urban platform. What you didn’t know is that we are also organizing a mapping session with this occasion. Here is the invitation:

MAP-IT – European Quarter

Sunday, 21st of November 2010

Participate in a collaborative mapping:

The European district in Brussels has seen over 20 years of major upheavals and restructuring projects. At the same time it has witnessed a new generation of people and buildings: estate speculators, European trainees, satellite offices, shops trying to adapt to the new situation.
When the institutional planning redraws the city with the bulldozer, what happens with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood? How do they find again their home, and (re)inspire their imagination?

The artist and “interaction designer” Thomas Laureyssens and the committees of neighbourhoods GAQ and AQL, supported by Bral and IEB, propose a collaborative mapping exercise of a public space in the district: South Point of European Parliament’s plaza.

The workshop will be organized using MAP-it: A low-tech tool to plan, analyze and reconstruct past and future projects by creating open and flexible visualization of a process in space and time.

Everyone is invited to participate!
Prior registration is required: t[at]toyfoo.com

This is the programme of the event:
1:00 p.m. – Film (8 ‘) The European District under the safe angle (directed by the PTTL PleinOPENair 2010)

1:30 p.m. – Walk in the European district – guided by local residents

3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MAP-it workshop

Address: Urban Platform – Bazaar – 218 Chaussée de Wavre – 1050 Brussels

More info:

People Watching Plus

Posted by Niels on Monday November 15th 2010 at 14:05

In a playful manner Rune Madsen experiments with the way people overcome barricades in public space. The stream of pedestrians silently -and without any “clear protest”- adapts to the new structures formed by some cones and a bit of yellow tape.

People Watching Plus from Rune Madsen on Vimeo.

A common phrase in any metropolis is the term “people watching.” This game takes the restful past-time and adds an interactive element. Made by Rune Madsen, Scott Wayne Indiana, Nien Lam and Nikolas Psaroudakis.

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