Social Spaces in Kwintessens Design Magazine

Posted by Liesbeth on Wednesday December 22nd 2010 at 11:15

Today the new Kwintessens arrived in my mail box and I was quite happy with the result. A while ago Social Spaces wrote an article about social design for this issue. The other articles are quite related, all demonstrating alternative approaches to the design field that mix up and question existing paradigms.
Articles are:
– the MetaDeSIGN by LAB(au) (Elien Haentjens)
Social design is risky (Niels Hendriks & Liesbeth Huybrechts)
– Synthetic biology the future of design (Lut Pil): a reflection on the great exhibition in Z33 we reported on some weeks ago
– The everyday, but invisible design by Human Interface Group en U-Sentric (Kurt Vanbelleghem)
– Toegepast : Fit to boost ! (Tine Holvoet, TeamTank): a report of the debate I moderated about Digital Design
– The design of future scenarios : Pantopicon (Christophe De Schauvre): about the design work of our colleague Nik Baerten
– Parametric design and digital fabrication : new forms of digital design (Corneel Cannaerts, MMLAB, Sint-Lucas Architectuur)
– Slow, or the alternative to fast consumption (Christian Oosterlinck)
– Open Source design : future model with roots in the past (Tine Holvoet, TeamTank)



Posted by Jessica on Tuesday December 21st 2010 at 15:44

A new project called Resource-lab started within the research group Art|Object & Design in collaboration with Kringwinkel Turnhout. The project involves the development of new products using materials and products gathered by the Kringwinkel Turnhout.  Resource strives for sustainable use of products by stimulating awareness concerning waste and involving users in the design process. They support a social and open design philosophy by sharing the development processes through social media and involving people through workshops.  Resource is currently still in its first phase of developing prototypes. Gradually it will develop towards a sharing and collaborating platform for developing new ideas and products.

Take a look at their prototypes on their blog. You can also follow them on Twitter or facebook.

puntKom #7 – My Way or the Highway – On routes & routines

Posted by Niels on Wednesday December 15th 2010 at 12:36

puntKomLast year, we (the Media & Design Academy in Genk) started with puntKom (a series of informal evenings on culture, technology, design,…). We had puntKom-sessions on SoundCode, on interactive textiles, on Bastard Culture,… and thanks to the interesting speakers and the enthusiastic crowd (and the chilled beer), they all turned out quite nice.

The second puntKom of this year will be about routes and will be held Thursday the 16th of December. Title  ‘My way or the highway! on Routes & Routines’.

Check for more info.

The program for this evening:

19.00h – 19.30h – Daniel Veestraeten on Volunteered Geospatial Information architect and author of Volunteered Geospatial Information in Urban Environment

19.45h – 20.15h – Luk Balcer on Waze (free community build navigation system) – CEO Nozzle Communication Agency

BREAK (free Veddett 🙂

20.30h – 21.00h – Thomas Laureyssens on trails in public space – artist & researcher

Social Design in Public Space, some experiments

Posted by Liesbeth on Wednesday December 15th 2010 at 10:46

In the public space module Social Design in Public Space the students of C-md (new media design) created some quite interesting concepts. Some were interesting technical experiments, while others were examples of a good contextual research into needs of semi-public environments.

How to play Pong in public environments on multiple screens:

POOONG from chrisalexmuller on Vimeo.

How to fly a helicopter around with only audio input.

How to share energy via a Internet of Things Platform in a Peer-to_peer way:

How to react against a Belgian proposal to make child care environments pay for playing music? These students created a remix tool for children’s songs:

Conexiones Improbables

Posted by Sabina on Tuesday December 14th 2010 at 11:37

Improbable connections is a new  project in Spain, which seeks to gather arts, philosophy, science, business and governance in order to search new questions and answers that respond to the needs of  all kinds of  organisations.

Improbable is a community of  collaborative and co-creative research initiatives aimed at innovation and social responsibility. It is based on the paradigms of  open innovation and the principles of  interrelated fields, disciplines and individuals.

We connect and mediate: we propose environments in which artists, creators, philosophers, anthropologists, business or social organisations, scientists and thinkers can interact in search of  committed social and productive innovation. As a driving force for change and innovation, Improbable creates a high-value context for the creators, thinkers, companies and public or social organisations involved. The opportunity is mutual.”

Improbables is part of a European project: Creative Clash, held by a Swedish organisation,Tillt, in collaboration with WZB in Berlin and KEA in Brussels.  This group has committed itself to producing a package of studies to measure the impact of artistic intervention in the business field and in research projects, to formulate recommendations on European policies that support this type of artistic interventions, and to do pilot testing in the next years. A report by TILLT Europe about the impact of artistic interventions is available here.

source: ECP blog

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