Hack-a-Thing, the week after

Posted by Selina on Tuesday July 10th 2012 at 10:10

From 3rd June – 7th October 2012, Design Hub Limburg presents “THE MACHINE – Designing A New Industrial Revolution”. This interactive exhibition, is accompanied by an extensive program for a diverse audience, including: a fashion workshop by DSGNRMRKT, a broad introduction into 3-D printing and a networking event. The concept of “THE MACHINE” shows how new machines influence our society.

In this context, FabLab Genk organises a series of workshops on the hacking of everyday appliances and electronics.

The first workshop series, which took place on 7th and 8th July 2012, was organised in close cooperation with the youth of Genk. It was an introduction to electronics and technologies like Arduino, lasercutting, etc. The aim of this workshop was to hack everyday objects, things and appliances and – in the setting of FabLab Genk – give them a new use. And last weekend, approximately 20 youngsters, electronic-fans, code doctors and hack-fanatics came together at FabLab Genk (INTERREG-IV) to hack a thing!

Hack-a-Thing (workshop 1), day 2 has started!

Posted by Selina on Sunday July 8th 2012 at 09:43

Today, Sunday 8th of July, the hack-fanatics who started to hack their old stuff yesterday have reported back to FabLab Genk for another fabulous hacking-day! In the afternoon, they will present their results and show which old, everyday objects they have hacked and what new, surprising functions they have given them.

You can still follow the Hack-a-Thingers live by viewing our livestream here: http://ustre.am/McZR

And check out FabLab Genk’s Facebook page and Twitter for regular updates on “Hack-a-Thing”!

Hack-a-Thing (workshop 1) has begun!

Posted by Selina on Saturday July 7th 2012 at 12:55

Today, Saturday 7th of July, “Hack-a-Thing” started: a two-day workshop (organized in the context of “The Machine” (Design Hub Limburg, see: http://www.the-machine.be/) in which everyday objects, appliances and electronics are hacked. Programmers, electronic-fans, code doctors and hack-fanatics came together at FabLab Genk (INTERREG-IV) to work with Arduino, the lasercutter, the 3D-printer and other technical gadgets. Today and tomorrow, they will be turning those old hair dryers, iPads, vacuum cleaners and desk lamps into things you can’t even imagine!

See what the Hack-a-Thingers are doing in FabLab Genk right now, and view our livestream here: http://ustre.am/McZR

Also, be sure to check out FabLab Genk’s Facebook page and Twitter and stay updated on “Hack-a-Thing”!

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