TraPIST – a (short) movie

Posted by Selina on Wednesday April 13th 2016 at 12:05

After 2 years, the project ‘TraPIST – Train Passenger Information for Smart Travel’ has ended. The project (2014 – 2015) aimed to offer information for train passengers on a silver platter. It sought to offer train travelers relevant information proactively, at the right time and through the most appropriate channel.

The project resulted in: (1) the development of a scalable framework that works with any type of (open) data to create tailor-made information; a framework that displays relevant info on a variety of devices even if network connections drop; (2) close interaction with end-users provides insights on must-have features and steers further (technical) research; and (3) a flexible and easy-to-use toolset that enables (international) developers to create new solutions in a wide range of application domains.

The insights gathered during the ‘TraPIST’ project are translated into a (short) movie:

TraPIST – ICON project results from iMinds on Vimeo.

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