The DementiaLab (Het dementielab) designs and shares low-tech tools which assist a person with dementia to live longer and in a qualitative manner in the home environment. The DementiaLab works from the principles of participatory design: designers/researchers/developers work in close collaboration with the person with dementia, the family, a caregiver,… to design the low-tech tools in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing, functional and integrates perfectly in the daily life. All designed low tech tools will be shared via an online platform and a toolkit to design together with persons with dementia will be created. &

Andrea Wilkinson
Niels Hendriks

OCMW Genk, Innovation & Design Euregio, Social Spaces
VZW Trento, WZC Toermalien, POM Limburg, Psychiatrische Kliniek Alexianen

With the Support of the Flemish Government