“Out of curiosity” at the E-Culture Fair 2010

Posted on Monday July 5th 2010 at 16:40

On 23rd – 25th of August, the research group Social Spaces will be present at the E-Culture Fair 2010 in Dortmund (Germany). The fair is organized by BAM, the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art, “Virtueel Platform” and “Medienwerk NRW” and is part of RUHR 2010, the European Capital of Culture and ISEA 2010 (16th International Symposium on Electronic Arts). The E-Culture Fair revolves around (cross-disciplinary) projects on (media) technology, art, research and creative industry. Here, companies, schools, universities, research groups and artists from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will present their work. At a booth at the Fair, Social Spaces will present itself and several of the projects the group currently is involved in (closely collaborating with Z33 – house for contemporary art, the Province of Limburg and the Expertise centre for Digital Media).

On a second booth, Social Spaces will present “Out of curiosity”: a project which currently is taking place. This project – supported by Province of Limburg, Art Centre Z33 and BAM, the Flemish Institute for visual, audiovisual and media art – aims for representing projects from various art schools, universities and institutes. A medial concept is being worked out that will function as a meeting place for art schools and –institutes in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Concretely, this medial concept is given shape by Joël Rabijns, a former student of the Media & Design Academy (Genk, Belgium). Joël is making a roadtrip, visiting the participating schools and institutes in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. During his trip, he will make a multimedial report by capturing the most interesting e-culture related projects on film and collecting e-culture related artefacts. By doing so, a nice overview will be given on how the schools and institutes in different countries deal with e-culture.

On the E-Culture Fair, the multimedia report will be shown in the form of a Wunderkammer: a curiosity cabinet not consisting of physical curiosa but of digital information (i.e. the movies of the e-culture artefacts of the participating schools and institutes). Information on the participating schools will also be added to the digital data in the Wunderkammer.

Picture: for the Cumulus-event in May this year, a Wunderkammer was installed at the Media & Design Academy.

Next to the movie and booth, the E-Culture Fair also offers the students from the participating schools a chance to get together and discuss their contributions to the field of e-culture. This will take place in the form of a joint workshop at the Fair. De combination of the three methods will function as a first step towards setting up a strong network between the different art schools and –institutes and will strengthen the position of Flemish education (which already has an essential focus on culture, technology and innovation).

For more information, see the website of the E-Culture Fair 2010: http://www.eculturefair2010.eu/

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