Audience participation & communication for Klankenbos/Musica

Posted on Friday July 2nd 2010 at 11:58

For Project Lab the students of the bridging program Communication & Multimedia Design worked together with ‘Klankenbos’ of Musica. ‘Klankenbos’ is a permanent collection of sound installations in open air, accommodated at the ‘Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof’ at Neerpelt (Belgium) and unique in Europe. Musica aims to be a low level access to sound art and installations. This for instance expresses itself in the fact that ‘Klankenbos’ is always accessible for visitors (24 hours). During Project Lab, students had to work out a typical C-md solution for a cultural organization, integrating the five key courses of C-md, namely Graphic design, Audiovisual applications, ICT, Communication and Marketing. A briefing by Eveline Heylen and a visit to ‘Klankenbos’ served as a kick off of Project Lab and a starting point for the work of the students. Each team of students worked out a project thereby expanding awareness of Musica, addressing hard to reach target groups or experimenting with other ways of communication and participation with people.

The sound of tree targets youth between 12 and 18 years old. Their interactive installation on location is a low level first experience with Sound art. People can play with music samples by jumping on different stumps.

Interscapes expands the roots of Klankenbos outside its forest. A root system connects Klankenbos with different locations. Each location houses an installation that invites passers-by to interact through the use of morse coding. The morse coding messages are translated into sound and sent to installations on other locations. In this way people on different locations can communicate through sound.

Audioscoop is a periscope integrating images and sound. It triggers physical visits to Klankenbos by giving people a peek of it through the Audioscoop.

Plant een klank (Plant a sound) is an interactive platform that invites people to create their “sound tree”. By uploading your own sound recording, you plant your virtual tree. The tree grows with every new recording. Tree owners can spread their individual tree-url and invite others to visit their tree or create their own tree. With this website Klankenbos also gets a virtual existence.

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