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Posted on Thursday January 20th 2011 at 12:17

REcentre repeats the school projects around new, relevant, and sustainable themes. Therefore REcentre created two interesting pitches in which students can take part of.

Pitch 1Les Ardentes 7.218.2 and 25.2.
Les Ardentes is a 4-days festival, which takes place every early summer in Liège. It is a middle size event with an expected audience of 70.000 for its sixth edition of 2011 (26.000 in 2006). Students are challenged to find practical outcomes that are feasible to implement on how to make a festival like this have a smaller environmental impact.

Pitch 2: Dingens Barometers 4.3, 18.3 and 11.4.
Dingens Barometers produces internationally renowned barometers. As mercury is being prohibited in the production of barometers, they had to find other sustainable solutions. Dingens wants to challenge students to find a way on how to use sustainability and sustainable products as a unique selling point and add power to the marketing force of it. The barometer is an ‘old-fashioned’ instrument that is being passed on from generation to generation, how can you fit it in in contemporary living rooms and market it as a sustainable instrument?

Students are urged to find practical solutions that are feasible to implement. They will get help of professional moderators and specialists in order to reach these results. Each workshop day will led by a moderated and an expert. Students will be mixed in groups of different people coming from around the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. The winning team of each pitch will get a price.

More info on both pitches can be found here

Sustainability@School is a collaboration between REcentre, Saint-Luc, MADfac, GutRosenberg & ABKMaastricht.

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