Call for participation: Dementia Lab: the Role of Design 2016

Posted by Niels on Tuesday June 14th 2016 at 10:17

Andrea and Niels are working together with the German Robert Bosch Stiftung on bringing their way of designing for and together with persons with dementia to German Design/Art faculties.
This event is part of this project.

German version at the bottom of this post

Essen, Germany
14 and 15 September, 2016

Design educLogo for event on design and dementiaators of all disciplines, design researchers and designers are invited to attend this two-day event on designing together with people with dementia. Design in all of its forms, from graphic and product design to industrial design and interactions, is putting more focus on becoming socially meaningful. One way that design is responding to this is by working with the growing need of the elderly population and specifically those with dementia. Central to this is the question on how to include the person with dementia their family and (in)formal caregivers in the design process.

In this two day event we invite design educators, designers and researchers to come and be inspired about how to work with people with dementia in their own practice. Next to that, we invite those who have experience in setting up design courses or research projects on designing for and together with persons with dementia to bring to the table their own failed and successful approaches.

The two-day event will focus on three central issues:participatory design with persons with dementia

(1) how to facilitate design education focusing on (participatory) designing for persons with dementia,

(2) the challenge for design students, practitioners and researchers to involve persons with dementia in the design process,

(3) reflections on the ways in which working with individuals with dementia impacts a designer’s current and future way of working.


There will be speakers, presentations and workshops.

To see the full schedule and to see the speaker list, please visit:

All design educators (from all disciplines), design researchers and designers are invited to attend. As the event is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the cost to attend is free, however reserving your place in advance is necessary.

Kick-off: Van Zorg(zaam) Onderzoek naar (Zorg)zaam Ontwerp

Posted by Jessica on Monday September 21st 2015 at 13:00

Komende maand wordt het startschot gegeven voor het onderzoeksproject “Van Zorg(zaam) Onderzoek naar Zorg(zaam) Ontwerp”. Binnen dit project begeleiden ervaren onderzoekers van de KU Leuven instellingen, organisaties en bedrijven bij de ambitie om patiënten een zo aangenaam mogelijke ervaring aan te bieden. Dit project is waardevol voor product en/of service designers, architecten, fabrikanten van producten gebruikt in een medische context en ziekenhuisdirecties, die de patiënt echt centraal willen stellen.
De onderzoekers doen een beroep op gegevens die de laatste vier jaar werden verzameld bij “echte” personen in ziekenhuizen. Deze data geven inzicht in de verwachtingen van gebruikers, in de manier waarop de totaalbeleving van patiënten tot stand komt en wat de impact is van materiële en ruimtelijke elementen op die totaalbeleving.
Tijdens het kick-off event wordt een tipje van de sluier opgelicht over het opzet van het project. Er wordt ook dieper ingegaan op de toegevoegde waarde van het gebruik van deze inzichten voor ontwerpers. Daarnaast is er een brainstormsessie over hoe en waar gebruikersinformatie een meerwaarde kan betekenen binnen uw werkgebied.
Dit project verloopt in samenwerking met Flanders In Shape met steun van IWT Vlaanderen.

Inleiding (prof. Ann Heylighen, KU Leuven, Research[x]Design)
De rol van onderzoek in het ontwerpen van (zorg)architectuur (arch. Michiel Verhaegen, osar architecten nv)
Wat heeft onderzoek naar patiëntenbeleving te bieden? (ir. arch. Margo Annemans, KU Leuven, Research[x]Design & osar architecten nv)

Praktische info
1 oktober 2015
Thermotechnisch Instituut, Kasteelpark Arenberg, 3001 Heverlee
Inschrijven via:

Digital Humanities

Posted by Katrien on Wednesday April 3rd 2013 at 08:56

Following the successful first run of interdisciplinary Digital Humanities initiatives in 2012, the Leuven Arts Faculty, in association with the Doctoral School of the Humanities, organises another Digital Humanities two-day event in 2013. The programme consists of a public lecture by a prominent international DH expert, and a workshop presenting current Leuven research and developments.

The principal guest this year is Peter Lunenfeld, professor in the Design Media Arts Department at UCLA. His research interests include media philosophy, art history, design theory and digital humanities. Het is the author of various books on the role and the use of computers in arts, media and culture and has co-authored the recent state of the art handbook Digital_Humanities (MIT Press 2012).

The workshop the day after the public lecture features DH initiatives in the Humanities and in Science & Technology at Leuven. It starts off with a lecture by Stefan Gradmann on the role of the library in DH. Gradmann was recently appointed as Director of the Leuven University Library; as a literary scholar, he is also a member of the Leuven Department of Literary Studies; as a leading expert on DH, he will play a vital role in the further consolidation and development of DH in Leuven.

After the workshop presentations, Peter Lunenfeld and Stefan Gradmann will formulate response reflections and engage in discussion with presenters and participants.

Attendance is free.


Programme and registration can be found here




Social Spaces I CUO Kick-off event (2): thanks!

Posted by Selina on Tuesday February 5th 2013 at 10:05

Thank you all for visiting us at the Social Spaces I CUO Kick-off Event (2) yesterday!

It was a lovely evening and we hope you’ve enjoyed it! We hope to see you again soon at Social Spaces (MAD-faculty, Genk)!

Kick-off Event CUO I Social Spaces (2) on February the 4th

Posted by Selina on Friday February 1st 2013 at 12:06

As part of the integration of the KU Leuven and its university colleges, Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty) and the Centre for User Experience Research (CUO, iMinds) have merged into a joint research group called Social Spaces|CUO. Together we pursue research projects in which we combine our complementary skills for designing socially relevant interactive applications and artefacts.

In order to celebrate this new joint research group, we invite you to a kick-off event. A combination of an interesting speaker (Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser) and a practical workshop (MAP-it) will give you a glimpse of the topics and methods our joint group is working on.

Registration is free but required via

We hope to see you on Monday!

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