Hack-a-thing workshop

Posted by Katrien on Tuesday May 15th 2012 at 15:56


Ligt jouw oude Nintendo DS stof te verzamelen in de kast? Slingert je moeders kapotte haardroger rond op zolder? Of heb je nog een oude broodrooster gevonden in de garage? Neem ze dan mee naar FabLab Genk en blaas je overbodige rotzooi nieuw leven in!

Tijdens een tweedaagse workshop hacken we je alledaagse spullen. Dat betekent dat we van je broodrooster een elektrische tandenborstel met sms-functie gaan maken of de oude haardroger van je moeder in een robot veranderen die je haar kan vlechten. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken! Je krijgt eerst een introductie in elektronica en technologieën als Arduino en lasercutting. Dan gaan we zelf aan de slag in FabLab Genk om te zien wat jij, in een weekend tijd, met jouw oude spullen kunt maken. En, zijn jouw gehackte oude spullen tof geworden? Dan verdienen ze misschien wel een plek in de tentoonstelling die door “The Machine” georganiseerd wordt in het C-mine Designcentrum.
Dus ben jij 16 tot 26 jaar en heb je interesse in elektronica, technologie en het hacken van alledaagse spullen? Mis Hack-a-thing dan zeker niet!
Waar? FabLab Genk  Media, Arts & Design faculty (campus C-mine) C-mine 5, 3600 Genk
Wanneer? Zaterdag 7 en zondag 8 juli, van 10.00u tot 17.00u
(Je mag je brooddoos thuislaten, want lunch/drank is voorzien)

Inschrijven is gratis en kan je hier. Wacht niet te lang, want vol = vol! En wil je meer?
Kom dan ook zeker zaterdag 15 en zondag 16 september terug naar FabLab Genk. Dan zijn de experten in hacking er om samen met jou verder te werken aan je gehackte broodrooster, Gameboy of haardroger.
Oh ja, ‘zware’ kennis van elektronica is zeker niet nodig: wel veel goesting…
Hou onze websites in de gaten! Voor meer informatie kijk je op FabLab Genk , The Machine of op onze Facebook pagina.

FabLab Zuid-Limburg: “open for business”!

Posted by Selina on Thursday January 13th 2011 at 11:11

Yesterday I visited FabLab Zuid-Limburg: a new fabrication laboratory at the heart of Maastricht (NL). Coincidentally, it opened its doors for the public that same day! Founded by stichting OpenWijs.nl, Maastricht University, Continium and Huiswerk Architecten, FabLab Zuid-Limburg focuses on the entire region of Dutch-Limburg. FabLab Zuid-Limburg is open to everyone: if you are interested you can visit the Lab and test out its two lasercutters, the 3D-printers such as the “RepRap” and the “Ultimaker”, the 3D-scanners, the vinyl-cutters and the milling machines (for a complete list of the machines at FabLab Zuid-limburg, click here). They also organize several workshops and trainings for (potential) visitors to become acquainted with (the machines in) the FabLab: for example, you can participate in a workshop on how to make your own 3D-printer or in a training on Google Sketchup.

You can visit the FabLab at Hoenderstraat 3 
in Maastricht (NL). For more information, check its website http://fablabzuidlimburg.nl/.

The FabLab Truck: a mobile FabLab

Posted by Selina on Tuesday October 12th 2010 at 15:46

On http://www.fablab.nl, I have found an interesting article on a mobile fablab, developed by Jaap Vermaas. The Dutch FabLab Truck makes it possible to give a demonstration of the possibilities digital fabrication offers outside of the setting of a traditional FabLab. It especially visits festivals, schools and workshops and can be set up for special occasions.

The truck drives around a Makerbot 3D printer, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter and the FabLab video conferencing system. A RepRap 3D printer and a CNC milling machine are likely to be added to the equipment soon. It is designed in such a way that the equipment won’t be damaged during the transportation (it doesn’t take long for the machines to start up after arriving to its destination either!). It can be used autonomously, since it has its own electric power supply and internet connection.

From August 4th until August 6th 2010, the FabLab Truck was invited by the Hamburg FabLab to visit them in Germany. The visitors could participate in different workshops and see for themselves what a FabLab can be. In this video, the people of the Hamburg FabLab introduce themselves and the truck:

For more information on the FabLab Truck, see: http://fablabtruck.nl/

A Fablab-website “where the future is being made today!”

Posted by Selina on Tuesday September 7th 2010 at 13:11

I recently discovered a website “where the future is being made today!” On www.fablab.nl, a Dutch website, you can find about anything on Fablabs (short for Fabrication or Fabulous Laboratory): it features interesting articles, shows Fablab initiatives in the Netherlands and beyond, offers an overview of machines you should definitely put in your own Fablab and directs you towards numerous audio- and videoclips. You can even e-mail the developers of the website if you need andy help, advise or support with setting up your own Fablab!

While you’re visiting this website, you should definetely check out the audioclip “The Making of a Personal Lab”: in the clip, dating from 2005, Neil Gershenfeld of MIT (the ‘founder’ of the Fablab) talks about a manufacturing-revolution in which “existing technologies and tools bring capabilities once held by huge facturies dowon to the personal level”. You can check the clip here.

Mapping the Euregional fablab, part two: a video report

Posted by Selina on Monday July 5th 2010 at 11:34

As described in the post “Mapping the Euregional fablab: a report”, Social Spaces did two mapping sessions at the i_beta festival in Heerlen, the Netherlands on Friday June 18th 2010. Here, we designed a Euregional fablab. The videos of the two presentations (in which the participants of both the sessions presented their maps) are now online!

Creating spaces: Euregional fablab from Social Spaces on Vimeo.

Creating spaces: Euregional fablab from Social Spaces on Vimeo.

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