Lecture: The Machine meets The Future in the Making

Posted by Selina on Tuesday September 11th 2012 at 09:46

On Wednesday, 19th September 2012, The Machine has an encounter with Joseph Grima, editor in chief of Domus magazine. During Milan Design Week he presented the exhibition “The Future in the Making” that examines the revolution that is radically changing the face of design, opening up new perspectives with fresh ideas and a new generation of designers.  

On the occasion of the lecture Jan Boelen, the curator of The Machine, and Joseph Grima hosts a series of guests at the MAD Faculty in Genk.  

Jesse Howard will talk about his collaboration on the OpenStructures idea, Dik Scheepers and Luc Damen will present how they made a spot welder out of a microwave, designer Agata Niemkiewicz will refer on her experience of crowd sourcing, Israeli designer Itay Ohaly idea of releasing control in design. Finally Danny Leen and Katrien Dreessen (FabLab Genk) will speak about their experience of the Hack A Thing workshop they initiated in context of The Machine.

Kick-off is with a free guided tour at 1 pm by Jan Boelen. The lecture starts at 2.30 pm.

Sign in at info@the-machine.be
Places are limited. Make sure to be there on time.
The whole event is hold in English.


Made possible by Design Hub Limburg

Links to designers:
http://www.dikscheepers.nl/ & http://www.lucdaamen.com/


For all Dutch visitors:

Ontwerpers die wegwijs willen geraken in het kluwen van creatief ondernemerschap, kunnen aansluitend deelnemen aan de Kick-off van ST_artSTROOM: een lezingenreeks die creatieven een zakelijk duwtje in de rug geeft. Inschrijven verplicht. Meer info: http://www.designplatform.be/projecten/startstroom-begeleidingsaanbod-voor-creatieve-ondernemers

Visual Storytelling for Design and Innovation, Bas Raijmakers

Posted by Liesbeth on Monday October 10th 2011 at 09:26

On the 3th of May the research group Social Spaces of the Media, Arts and Design Faculty (FAK) invited Bas Raijmakers as a speaker at the yearly lecture series around design and architecture ‘A tot Z lezingen’. In his presentation he explored the use of the exciting method of visual storytelling in design and innovation processes. Raijmakers is convinced that design can play an important role in society and economy, but not via making more and more objects. Designers can engage in making visual scenarios of social situations instead. These can give an inspirational and clear insight in what is already present or missing in these situations. This still allows designers to make objects if they want to, but these artefacts will probably fit the situation better.


Posted by Marjan on Friday November 12th 2010 at 11:02

On 19, 20 & 21 Nov. 2010, City Mine(d) organizes an Urban Platform in Brussels, gathering about 30 initiatives from 13 European cities, to exchange and show their relation to the big challenges cities are faced with, present their approach and inspire people to action.

From their website: “For 5 years, City Mine(d) has been connecting urban gardeners to cyclists, DIY-ers to urban planners, and kitchen chefs to IT-ers through projects in public space. What these people have in common is their use of their creativity to make daily life in cities more enjoyable.”

More info on: http://urbanplatform.citymined.org/

Dialogue art & public space

Posted by Marjan on Friday October 22nd 2010 at 13:17

A video-recording of the dialogue between ‘Vlaams Bouwmeester’ Peter Swinnen and Jan Boelen, director of Z33, on art, architecture and the public space  in Z33 in Sept. 2010 can now be viewed online: http://www.z33.be/blogs/fotos-en-video-transcript-gesprek-peter-swinnen

Healthcare, art & citizenship

Posted by Marjan on Thursday October 21st 2010 at 20:31

SKOR organizes a two-day symposium on care, art, architecture & citizenship, called “Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility” on October 29-30, 2010 in Amsterdam, Felix Meritis.

“The two-day symposium Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility seeks to connect current debates about care and citizenship in contemporary art, philosophy and politics to realities of healthcare organisation in the Netherlands and internationally. With a focus on healthcare as a prime site of global market-driven transformation in governmental policies, this symposium brings together philosophers, artists, curators and politicians to question the role of art and its assumed ameliorative function.

We ask: If art consensualises the increasingly capitalised infrastructures of public care, can it still act as a critical agent?
The structure of this symposium stages theories and case studies to come hand in hand, providing a significant and radical overview of the field.”

The full programme can be found on www.skor.nl/artefact-4820-nl.html

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