Hack-a-thing workshop

Posted by Katrien on Tuesday May 15th 2012 at 15:56


Ligt jouw oude Nintendo DS stof te verzamelen in de kast? Slingert je moeders kapotte haardroger rond op zolder? Of heb je nog een oude broodrooster gevonden in de garage? Neem ze dan mee naar FabLab Genk en blaas je overbodige rotzooi nieuw leven in!

Tijdens een tweedaagse workshop hacken we je alledaagse spullen. Dat betekent dat we van je broodrooster een elektrische tandenborstel met sms-functie gaan maken of de oude haardroger van je moeder in een robot veranderen die je haar kan vlechten. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken! Je krijgt eerst een introductie in elektronica en technologieën als Arduino en lasercutting. Dan gaan we zelf aan de slag in FabLab Genk om te zien wat jij, in een weekend tijd, met jouw oude spullen kunt maken. En, zijn jouw gehackte oude spullen tof geworden? Dan verdienen ze misschien wel een plek in de tentoonstelling die door “The Machine” georganiseerd wordt in het C-mine Designcentrum.
Dus ben jij 16 tot 26 jaar en heb je interesse in elektronica, technologie en het hacken van alledaagse spullen? Mis Hack-a-thing dan zeker niet!
Waar? FabLab Genk  Media, Arts & Design faculty (campus C-mine) C-mine 5, 3600 Genk
Wanneer? Zaterdag 7 en zondag 8 juli, van 10.00u tot 17.00u
(Je mag je brooddoos thuislaten, want lunch/drank is voorzien)

Inschrijven is gratis en kan je hier. Wacht niet te lang, want vol = vol! En wil je meer?
Kom dan ook zeker zaterdag 15 en zondag 16 september terug naar FabLab Genk. Dan zijn de experten in hacking er om samen met jou verder te werken aan je gehackte broodrooster, Gameboy of haardroger.
Oh ja, ‘zware’ kennis van elektronica is zeker niet nodig: wel veel goesting…
Hou onze websites in de gaten! Voor meer informatie kijk je op FabLab Genk , The Machine of op onze Facebook pagina.

iGEM – Synthetic Biology Competition

Posted by chris on Monday December 5th 2011 at 09:14

In early ‘2011, the Media and Design faculty in Genk participated in the exhibition Alter Nature, where works from around twenty international artists explored how humankind manipulates nature. We got to know what synthetic biology is and how much more manipulative ‘design’ can be in this field. We also learned that as media designer or artist one can imagine and visualize a future with synthetic biology, which makes it interesting to collaborate with scientists. When me, (media) designer and a (graphic) designer where asked by our design school (MAD Faculty) to join the iGEM competition – a competition between universities on the topic of synthetic biology – we took advantage of this unique opportunity. Between June and November 2011 we collaborated with bioengineers and biomedical science students. In iGEM, teams make or use existing biological parts to build biological systems and operate them in living cells(1). For instance, a student team could be designing a microbe that detects toxic chemicals and outputs a corresponding color.


Social Design in Public Space, some experiments

Posted by Liesbeth on Wednesday December 15th 2010 at 10:46

In the public space module Social Design in Public Space the students of C-md (new media design) created some quite interesting concepts. Some were interesting technical experiments, while others were examples of a good contextual research into needs of semi-public environments.

How to play Pong in public environments on multiple screens:

POOONG from chrisalexmuller on Vimeo.

How to fly a helicopter around with only audio input.

How to share energy via a Internet of Things Platform in a Peer-to_peer way:

How to react against a Belgian proposal to make child care environments pay for playing music? These students created a remix tool for children’s songs:

Technarte: call for papers

Posted by Selina on Thursday October 7th 2010 at 15:29

Technarte – International Conference on Art & Technology has launched a call for papers. If you send in your paper before the 1st of November, it will be featured at the Technarte conference that merges art and technology. It takes place at the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Bilbao (Spain) on the 19th and 20th of May 2011Here you can find examples of the topics that were discussed on previous editions of Technarte.

According to its website, “Technarte will bring together in Bilbao, Spain, artists, experts of Centres of Technological Research and professionals of the art world and technology in all its forms (researchers and developers of art centres and research labs, professionals of museums, universities, etc.), with which you can share your experiences and who will show you the most innovative artistic disciplines.”

If you want to know more (and for more details on the call), see: http://technarte.org/en/

“Out of curiosity” at the E-Culture Fair 2010

Posted by Selina on Monday July 5th 2010 at 16:40

On 23rd – 25th of August, the research group Social Spaces will be present at the E-Culture Fair 2010 in Dortmund (Germany). The fair is organized by BAM, the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art, “Virtueel Platform” and “Medienwerk NRW” and is part of RUHR 2010, the European Capital of Culture and ISEA 2010 (16th International Symposium on Electronic Arts). The E-Culture Fair revolves around (cross-disciplinary) projects on (media) technology, art, research and creative industry. Here, companies, schools, universities, research groups and artists from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will present their work. At a booth at the Fair, Social Spaces will present itself and several of the projects the group currently is involved in (closely collaborating with Z33 – house for contemporary art, the Province of Limburg and the Expertise centre for Digital Media).

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