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We have extended the deadline for the application to the TRADERS international Autumn School to the 17th of August.

In this Autumn School we will assume the issues of work and labour as a public debate and field of practice that artists, designers and researchers can work, analyze, critique and / or reflect on. The program offers general perspectives on participatory art and design and on labour and work in post-Fordism, good practices related to such topics, local expertise and non-work-related activities.The confirmed speakers are Pelle EhnCarl DiSalvo Pascal GielenJeanne van HeeswijkRianne MakkinkWim Embrechts (Art2Work)Hilde HeynenFrank Moulaert, and David Hamers.

For application, send expression of interest before the 17th of August 2015 to Evi Donné (evi.donne@luca-arts.be) with CV (including list of relevant work and/or publications) + a letter (max. 500 words) describing the motivation to participate in the Autumn School and how the Autumn School fits your past, current or future research interests (files should not exceed 5MB). We will inform you about your acceptance by the 1st of September 2015.


TRADERS Autumn School 2015 – on the role of Participatory Art and Design in the reconfiguration of work (in Genk)

10th – 14th of November 2015. Genk, Belgium.

We would like to invite you to participate in the Autumn School of the TRADERS project (European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, www.tr-aders.eu), which will take place from Tuesday the 10th to Saturday the 14th of November in Genk (BE). It will be organized by the research groups of LUCA School of Arts (Campus C-mine), KU Leuven/Planning and Development and the Architecture and Culture Theory research units in collaboration with the TRADERS partners (Design Academy Eindhoven/Readership City and Countryside, Chalmers/Department of Architecture, RCA/School of Architecture and University of Gothenburg/HDK).

For further information about the TRADERS Autumn School, see the invitation in attachment: TRADERS_AUTUMNSCHOOL2015


Third TRADERS training week: Multiple Performative Mapping

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The third TRADERS TRSW (Training through Research Synergy Week) was meant to familiarise the TRADERS ESR’s with Naomi Bueno de Mesquita’s research in Multiple Performative Mapping. With the research being based at Design Academy Eindhoven, people from DAE with expertise in mapping were invited to contribute to this training week in the form of lectures and workshops. David Hamers (lector City and Countryside and supervisor of Naomi’s research within TRADERS) participated and assisted in the training week and he gave a lecture on the first day, Karianne Rygh (research associate of the former CRISP programme at DAE) participated and assisted in the training week and gave a workshop on the last day, Danielle Arets (lector and research associate of the former CRISP programme at DAE) gave a workshop, Ester van de Wiel (tutor at Public Private department) gave a workshop and Mikaela Steby Stenfalk (student) gave a small presentation of map-use and navigation in the Swedish phenomenon orienteering. External partners were also invited with the aim to extend and strengthen the TRADERS network. Nanna Verhoeff and Michiel de Lange from the Urban Interfaces group of the University of Utrecht and Sybille Lammes and Chris Perkins from the Charting the Digital research programme were invited to give lectures and Jana Wendler (from the university of Manchester and working with Chris Perkins) gave a workshop. The training week took place during the first week of July 2015 at Design Academy Eindhoven and in Eindhoven city and at University of Utrecht and in Utrecht city, with an intermezzo/ barbecue in Hollandsche Rading.


Problematizing ‘participation’ in ‘public space’ [Summer School results]

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The first TRADERS Summer School started with an official Kick-off at Z33, the 31st of September, when the results from the Training Week and first TRADERS exhibition were shown to all the participants. The 1st of October we had a lecture from Ramia Mazé, who gave many insights and examples of ‘disruptive’ approaches to participatory practices in design, and guided the participants divided into 6 groups on a workshop during the afternoon. The 2nd of October Martijn De Waal gave a lecture on the ‘playful’ approach and guided the groups to finalize their proposals to ‘prototype’ in public space. The 3rd of October we had the morning to finalize our proposals and videos and in the afternoon organized a ‘public forum’ to show the results from the different projects realized and reflect on different issues dealt with during the past days.



As there was a strong focus on ‘documentation’, guided by the project Backstories, the resulting outcomes are videos. The proposals ranged from (1) direct intervention’ in the public space (check out the video here) to a (2) new way of conceiving participatory practices in design through exchange (check out the video here), from (3) questioning the role of the designer in society (check out the video here) to a (4) collaborative mapping exercise (check out the video here), and from (5) questioning the need of designers to intervene in ‘public matters’ (check out the video here) to a (6)performative dialogue that presented a ‘multi-vocal’ approach to design interventions (video to be uploaded soon).

Report: kick-off symposium ‘TRADERS. Negotiating public space #1’

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On Wednesday 26th of February 2014 the TRADERS kick-off symposium ‘TRADERS. Negotiating public space #1’ took place at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium. If you’re curious about how the symposium went, be sure to check out a written report on the symposium and three of the four presentations below:

Report: Report, Kick-off symposium on the 26th of February 2014 at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium- ‘TRADERS. Negotiating public space #1’

Presentation ‘Introduction to the ‘TRADERS’-project and the book’Participation is Risky” by Liesbeth Huybrechts: Presentation- introduction to the ‘TRADERS’ project and the book ‘Participation is Risky’ by Liesbeth Huybrechts

Presentations ‘Some critical remarks on the art of making publics’ by Maria Hellström Reimer: Presentation- some critical remarks on the art of making publics by Maria Hellström Reimer

Presentation ‘Introduction to public space project ‘Unie Hasselt-Genk’ by Jan Boelen: Presentation- introduction to public space project ‘Unie Hasselt-Genk’ by Jan Boelen

Also, some photographs of the event can be found here!

Save the date and spread the word: TRADERS. Negotiating public space #1

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We would like to invite you to attend the launch/kick-off of the TRADERS project (short for ‘Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space’). For more information, see below or on www.tr-aders.eu.

We hope to see you on the 26th of February 2014 at Z33 in Hasselt (Belgium). So, save the date and spread the word!

Kick-off symposium on the 26th of February 2014, 1 pm at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium


Art and design researchers can contribute in interesting ways to engaging citizens, policy makers, private partners and other participants to participate in public space (issues). The methods of doing so are, however, underexplored. Therefore, the European Marie Curie Multi-ITN project ‘TRADERS’ (short for ‘Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space’) researches the ways in which art and design researchers can ‘trade’ or exchange with multiple participants and disciplines in public space projects and – at the same time – trains them in doing so.

In this kick-off symposium in Belgium, Hasselt, we will start a first debate around this topic in close collaboration with art centre Z33. All participating art and design researchers will be present, from 6 participating institutes, being Media, Arts and Design Faculty/LUCA School of Arts (KHLim/KULeuven), Royal College of Art/School of Architecture, Design Academy Eindhoven/Man and Public Space, University of Gothenburg/School of Design and Crafts, Chalmers University of Technology/Department of Architecture and KULeuven/Planning and Development and the Architecture and Culture Theory research units. Confirmed speakers are Chantal Mouffe and Maria Hellström Reimer. We would like to invite you to join the lectures and the discussion.

Further research

After this event the project will continue with working with five art and design researchers and one sociological researcher who will test and develop a specific method on which artists and designers can rely when working on public space projects in participatory ways, being intervention, play, multiple performative mapping, data-mining and modelling in dialogue. These researchers will also investigate how these methods fit in a larger methodological framework that can guide future artists and designers (or researchers and practitioners in other disciplines) to work in participatory and public space contexts. TRADERS brings together a wide range of disciplines such as visual arts, design, architecture and music. TRADERS allows to bundle the strength of the different disciplines to commonly approach other (non-art and design) disciplines and sectors.

Save the date

TRADERS. Negotiating public space #1
Kick-off Symposium

26.02.2014, 1 pm

Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Attending the symposium is free of charge but we kindly ask you to register by sending an email with your name, address and institution name to evi.donne@khlim.be

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